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Investment Planning

Sample Portfolio

Your specific investment decisions will depend on several factors: your age, tax bracket, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, investment time horizon and investment goals. In general, however, a well-diversified portfolio might include:

  • Cash Reserves for short-term needs -- checking accounts, money-market accounts, savings accounts and shorter-term CDs.
  • Longer-term, taxable investments that are relatively liquid, such as:
    • Stocks -- common or preferred
      • Bonds -- U.S. Government, corporate
      • Mutual Funds -- bond funds, growth funds, balanced funds, international funds
    • Tax-advantaged investments, such as:
  • Annuities -- fixed and variable
    • Qualified Plans -- 401(k), 403(b), IRAs, SEPs, SARSEPs
    • Municipal bond funds

  • Real estate -- commercial, residential
    • Tangible asset exposure through mutual funds -- precious metals funds, natural resources funds

You may want to consult an advisor regarding designing a portfolio that is appropriate for you and your risk tolerance.


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